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Sunrise Florida Locksmith

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Our company cares foremost about the security of our customer’s property. When you entrust us with your business we do our very best and use all our expertise to ensure you receive the best possible results.

Sunrise Florida Locksmith is a fully insured company that is bonded to the extent specified by the law. We use only the highest quality tools and security systems, to ensure maximum value for money. All our products have satisfaction guarantees, so that you can feel secure in your investment with us.

Why Choose Us?

There are many reasons why our business has become so popular. The most important include:
• All our employees have many years of experience and great attitude towards their work
• Our employees have pristine criminal records, so you can trust us with the security of your properties
• We only use top notch materials
• We offer free counseling to allow our customers to make informed decision
• We care above all to satisfy our customers

If you want more information about our services, pricing and how quickly we can complete your order, call us at

(561) 336-6090

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