Locksmith Services

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Sunrise Florida Locksmith: Covering All Your Security Needs

Our company offers a huge variety of services. We cover most of the security systems for residential and commercial properties.

If you wish to make an informed decision before ordering a security upgrade for your home or business, call us at

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for free counseling and pricing information.


One of our top experts will be with you immediately on the phone to answer all your security related questions.

Our company covers all locksmith services concerning commercial and residential properties, as well as cars.

Automotive Services

Car Dealerships often charge a fortune for a simple lock replacement or a new car key. A company like Sunrise Florida Locksmith can offer you all these services at the same quality level, faster and much, much cheaper.

Our locksmith can:
• Repair Car Door Locks
• Repair Car Trunk Locks
• Replace Car Locks
• Laser Cut Car Keys (Plus Transponder Keys)
• Remove Car Clubs
• Extract Broken Keys From the Ignition/Lock

Our boys and galls work tirelessly and offer excellent results, for only a fraction of what you’d pay to the car dealership!

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Commercial Services

Burglars are always out to make big money by stealing from stores and offices. This is why we, at Sunrise Florida Locksmith, offer you all the necessary security gadgets, systems and services needed to protect your commercial space from intrusion.

We offer:
• Commercial Lock Repairs
• Re-Keying of Locks
• Commercial Lock Replacements
• High Security Locks
• Access Control Systems
• Digital Control Keypads
• Digital Control Cards
• Buzzer and Intercom Installation
• High Security Systems

When we are done with your commercial space, burglars won’t even dare to come near your property again!

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Residential Services

Burglars tend to target homes with weak doors, rusty or old locks and bad security overall. It is our duty to assist the good people of Sunrise, Florida, in protecting their homes from intrusion and theft. This is why we offer FREE counseling via phone. Just call

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and one of our top experts will offer you all the information you need to make your home burglar-proof.

Remember to change locks when: they are rusty, many people have copied (or may have) the keys and if your locks are very old.

Our company offers:
• Lock Repairs
• Lock Replacement
• Door Knob Locks
• Dead Bolt Locks
• High Security Locks
• Re-Key of Locks
• Master Key Systems

Re-keying locks is a cheap alternative to changing good quality locks when you fear that your keys might have been copied or if you have lost all your keys.

In case of an emergency, don’t hesitate to immediately call

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One of our people will be with you as soon as possible to address your problem!